Deadlands Classic

Session 1

Ballroom Bash

The first session of the game was short, and did not include all 5 members of the posse. It was more of a chance to get to know the combat system, and get feedback on how it all worked. This arc of the campaign will all be taking place in Salt Lake City, in the Mormon nation of Deseret, formerly Utah.

June 17, 1877

The session began with an announcement by the Smith & Robards Co., the #1 producer of Weird Science gadgets in the old west, that they would be financing an expedition in conjunction with the Explorer’s League, and led by Dr. Edgar Haskins, to determine the final fate of Col. John Wesley Powell, a famous explorer who disappeared in 1873. Approximately halfway through the announcement when a box full of Powell’s possessions was revealed, a local gang attempted a daring daylight robbery. The posse managed to thwart the attempt, but most were seriously wounded. After brief introductions, and being let off the hook by the police for killing the gang, the posse retired to the hotel room of one of their members to lick their wounds. The doctor of the party, not yet willing to reveal his status as a Huckster, sedated the posse members he was unable to treat normally, and did his best to heal them with his Manitou powered hexes.



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