Deadlands Classic

Session 2

An offer they can't refuse

June 18, 1877

The next morning, the posse is awoken by a knock on the door. Johan van Munich, a Mad Scientist under the employ of Smith & Robards (and the 5th posse member), has been sent by Dr. Haskins to invite the posse for drinks, and to discuss a business opportunity. After the posse gathers their things, they are led to Haskins’ room, only to find the door ajar: upon opening it, they must make a Guts check (which the French Doctor/Huckster fails) to avoid losing their lunch. Haskins is dead, and his body has been mutilated. His left arm, right leg, and head are nowhere to be found, and a brief autopsy by the doctor reveals that his heart and liver have been taken as well. The whiskey he was planning to offer the posse, however, remains untouched – a fact which Fred, a gunslinger, quickly rectifies. Meanwhile the rest of the posse searches the room for clues, and discovers that the dumbwaiter has been jammed shut. A little Tinkerin’ from von Munich and they are able to pry the door open. Inside, they find a woman that some recognize as Haskins’ bodyguard. At first she appears to be dead, but a check by the doctor reveals that she is alive, although only barely (unfortunately, the doctor went bust on his check to determine why, and was thus unable to revive her).

About this time, several deputies arrive and arrest the posse, relieving them of their weapons and locking them in a storage room in the hotel. It is here the posse waits for several hours, and Fred gets increasingly drunk while they wait. Shortly after sundown, a man in block robes arrives and dismisses the deputies guarding the posse. He locks himself in the storage room with them and introduces himself as David, a chaplain. He then explains the situation: he knows that the posse didn’t kill Haskins: it was a creature called the Butcher, which has been brutally murdering people all across the continent. However, he refuses to share this information with the congregation, as it would simply spread fear, so he gives the posse a choice: help him hunt down and stop the Butcher, or they hang for Haskins’ death, and act which would put the public at ease, at least until the next murder. Of course, the posse accepts, and they are led to an empty house several blocks from the Mormon Temple being constructed in the center of the city. The house appears to be in good repair, but inside it is revealed that nothing more than the sitting room is accessible – all other doors are sealed with deadbolt locks, and made of solid steel. It is here that they are told to wait, until David comes for them.



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