Salt Lake City

The Mormon Capitol

When it comes to cities in the Weird West, Salt Lake is something special. The city proper is the very picture of order, with all the streets in nice little blocks, lined up around the giant temple that’s being build in the center of the city. And every good Mormon gets an even share of the land. I guess that’s what happens when you divide the whole city up before you ever break ground.

The city proper is also completely wired with the most modern of conveniences: electric lights. Anyone who can afford it gets electricity right in his own home (and here’s an interesting fact – it seems like every Mormon in good standing can afford it). Even the gaslamps don’t run on gas or coal anymore, so they just call them street lamps now. In fact, the only thing that mars the beauty of Salt Lake is the gray cloud of Ghost Rock smoke that hangs over the entire city.

Smith & Robards and Dr. Darius Hellstromme

The West’s two largest manufacturers of weird science gadgets are both located in Salt Lake City, and they aren’t exactly friendly with each other.

Smith & Robards has their main factory, research labs, and showroom located there, and if you’ve seen something in their catalog, there’s a good chance you can pick it up then and there, with no wait. S&R also recently agreed to fund an expedition into the Grand Canyon to discover the fate of Col. John Wesley Powell. The expedition has been put on hold indefinitely however, with the untimely death of Edgar Haskins, the man who was slated to lead the expedition.

Hellstromme Industries also has a factory located near Salt Lake City, and in fact, the electricity running through the city is all thanks to him. Other than that, Hellstromme’s activities are top secret. Most of the gadgets you can buy from Smith & Robards have some analog in the Hellstromme catalog as well, but all inventions are manufactured upon receipt of an order, never before, so you will have to wait if you place an order. The upside to this is that while Hellstromme’s gadgets tend to be less reliable than Smith & Robards, they are also cheaper, and in case of weapons, they tend to be more deadly as well.

Features: The Mormon Temple, The Black Chaplains’ House, Smith & Robards, Hellstromme Industries


While Salt Lake City itself is neat and clean, only the Mormons get to live in the city. All the gentiles end up in Junkyard, the industry town that has sprung up

Salt Lake City

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